Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

The dedicated people behind The Big T

Hello, we're the staff of The Big T, Caltech's official yearbook—the insane dedicated people that work hard throughout the year to bring you an awesome, amazing, and free book at the end of the year! We're more than just yearbook nerds, though. Find out below!

Eric Chen


senior // computer science //

Eric joined the Big T mostly interested in photography, but was slowly repurposed as a designer/writer on account of his not having a camera. The internal structure of an Eric is not well known, but his emission spectrum suggests the presence of Linux, Javascript, and software engineering, with signs of anime and spreadsheet formulas. He hopes that one day humans and computers will again live in harmony.

Shu Fay Ung


senior // physics //

Shu Fay joined the Big T as a freshman, contributing as a copy-writer and spread designer before also fooling around as a photographer (some pictures). On campus, she also shoots photos for the athletics department and is involved with the undergraduate physics club (PhUC—the acronym is legit). She is certainly/uncertainly interested in quantum chemistry and its intersection with quantum computing.

Chris Wang

Co-Photography Editor

junior // computer science //

beep boop I make website worky

Other qualifications:

Selina Zhou

Co-Photography Editor

junior // electrical engineering //

Selina joined the Big T for a legit excuse to take photos of interesting people and events (see Instagram @znilesuohz for non-Caltech photos). Outside of yearbook, she extends her interest in picture taking to researching optics and photonics as an EE undergrad.

Katherine Chang

Design Editor

sophomore // applied & computational mathematics //

Katherine joined the Big T in freshman year as a spread designer because she's broke and wanted free access to Adobe Creative Cloud (just kidding, but also...). Outside of yearbook, she enjoys bullet journaling, musicing, and stockpiling Tuesday dinner cookies in her room. At the moment, her research interests include behavorial economics and figuring out what people are thinking before they think it.

Jenny Ji

Copy Editor

sophomore // bioengineering //

Jenny joined the Big T in freshman year as a copy-writer and spread designer. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Bioengineering and is interested in developing diagnostic tools for various diseases. Outside of campus, she enjoys toying around with Photoshop, designing stuffed animals, and eating tangerines.

Nivedita Kanrar

Business Manager

junior // bioengineering //

Nivedita joined the Big T as a copy-writer and business manager in her freshman year. Outside of yearbook, she studies Bioengineering and is interested in the intersection of biology and physics, primarily the applications of physical and mathematical models in understanding biological phenomena. Aside from academics, Nivedita enjoys exploring local coffee shops, reading Victorian Literature, and watching sports.

General Staff

"Without followers, evil cannot spread."

Cindy Cao (senior, chemical engineering)
LC Chen (senior, computer science)
Eilleen Zhang (sophomore, electrical engineering)
Lucy Gao (frosh, undeclared)
Catherine Ko (frosh, undeclared)
Haruna Tomono (frosh, undeclared)

Past Editors-in-Chief

"Live long, and prosper."

Noelle Davis ('20, electrical engineering)
Joseph Min ('20, biology & computer science)
Elise Cutts ('19, geobiology)
Michael Wong (PhD '18, planetary science)